1. Wine

All wines that do NOT belong to any denomination of origin are included, nor do they have to specify the vintage, the origin, or the grape variety used.

NOTE: The fact that they do not belong to a PGI or DO does not mean that they do not have quality.

2. Local wines or protected geographical indication

All wines that come from certain areas and that can be identified by their local characteristics are included. In addition to the geographical indication, these wines have to achieve a minimum alcoholic indication.

3. Quality wines with geographical indication

Wines made in a specific region with grapes from that region and with a level of quality, reputation or characteristics given to the geographical environment, the human factor or both are included. They are identified on the label with the mention "Quality Wine from...", followed by the name of the place of origin.

4. Wines with designation of origin (D.O.)

Wines that come from a defined production area and are made according to the quality and typicity criteria specified by the Regulatory Council are included. Among them:

  • Wine made with grapes from the DO region
  • Quality and characteristics of the wine from the geographical environment.
  • At least 5 years have elapsed since its recognition as a quality wine with a geographical indication.

5. Wines with a qualified geographical designation of origin

The wines must have spent at least 10 years as a designation of origin. All bottled wine must be marketed from registered wineries located in the defined geographical area and have a rigorous quality and quantity control system.

Curiosity: In the whole of Spain there are only two DOCa: Rioja and Priorat.

6. "Vinos de pago"

They are wines with recognized prestige, coming from a "pago", that is, from a rural area or place with its own characteristics and microclimate that differentiate it and distinguish it from its surroundings. It may be called a "qualified payment" if the payment is located within a DOCa.

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