It is important to fill the wine glass with the appropriate amount depending on the wine type. The reason is that by doing it correctly we will enjoy its features to the fullest. A common mistake is to serve the drink until the diner tells us that it is enough.

-Red wine: if it is a young wine, it has light nuances, so there is no problem being more generous with the quantity. If it is a Crianza or Reserva, serve up to a third of the glass. In this way we can comfortably shake the glass and unfold its aromas. Better, therefore, in small doses.

-White wine: serving up to half the glass preserves the temperature better but you can fill it perfectly up to three quarters.

-Rosé wine: these wines are light, therefore the recommendation is the same as with young red wines: up to half of the glass.

-Sparkling wine: cava or champagne, served in a tube glass, is served practically to the brim. The ideal is to leave a centimeter of margin, when the generated foam has been reduced. That is why it is convenient to fill the glass in two times.

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