1. “Because it is younger, it doesn't mean it is better.”

This phrase can open a great debate at the table and that is because wines have an optimal point of consumption and no matter how long you keep a young wine it will become a great reserve, but you will have a generous bottle of vinegar. As a general rule, reds last longer than whites or rosés.


2.»A young wine can never have a bouquet».

The bouquet refers to the aromas that have been acquired through barrel aging and bottle maturation, therefore a young wine has not spent enough time in the barrel to acquire these aromas.

3.»How the bottles are stored».

Everyone will tell you that one way is better than another because they have read such an article somewhere, but the best way to store wine is horizontally, this way it will keep the cork moist and swollen, thus preventing leakage of air. This position will not damage the bottle as sediment will fall away from the cork.

4. «Air».

In the event that we have an aged wine, it is advisable to aerate it for at least one hour before drinking it. When you serve it, do it as far away from the glass as possible, in this way the wine will take in oxygen before reaching it, in turn, fill the glass to the widest point of the bowl to make the most of the contact surface with the air, as this is the reason why the cups are so wide.


5. “Pulling out the cork”.

Above all, it must be avoided that the corkscrew exceeds the size of the cork, because if it does, pieces of cork will fall into the wine and consequently fall into the glasses.

In case you have difficulties removing the cork, it is better to insert the corkscrew diagonally and keep in mind that in sparkling wines you have to turn the bottle and not the cork, to prevent it from breaking.

We hope that these 6 tips on wine have served you well and help you start a great debate about wine at your next lunch or dinner with friends.