Do you know what BLOOM is?

If you have visited a winery or even if you have bought grapes in the supermarket, surely you have seen a white layer on top of the grain of the grape, right?

Well, that white layer is not dirt but it is the so-called "bloom".That white powder that is attached to the skin of the grape grain and that makes you want to remove it, is essential to make wine. From now on you must quarrel anyone who tries to remove it hahaha.

And you may wonder ...Why is the bloom so important? Well, it is so important because there are the native yeasts that will initiate the alcoholic fermentation and therefore, the transformation of must into wine, the famous, and less and less frequent, native yeasts.

And that's not all... The blooms also act as a protector of the grape, when the grape is wrapped with this translucent wax it makes it very difficult for insects to attack the fruit, thus also avoiding the laying of eggs inside.

In addition, it also acts as a sunscreen, prevents UV rays from altering the interior of the grape or from extreme heat absorbing its moisture and drying it out. The pruin also protects the grape when it rains since its mantle is waterproof and prevents the drops from penetrating the fruit.

In summary, the bloom:

  1. Protects against insects as it makes it difficult for them to lay eggs
  2. Prevents moisture from the grapes from being lost
  3. Protect from the sun Contains native yeasts that help in the fermentation of wine

You can also see it in other plants such as succulents, and plums.

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