Do you have a Christmas dinner coming up soon and want to know what is the best drink to serve? Or do you like to give gifts and are looking for inspiration for it? In this article we tell you everything about wine at Christmas dinner. We also give advice on what wine to give for Christmas!

What are some tips for choosing the right wines for Christmas?

  • If you're not sure which type of wine to choose, opt for a dry red or a fruity white. Both go well with most species.
  • Decide what type of dish you are going to serve and choose a wine to accompany it. Roast turkey, for example, goes well with Cabernet Sauvignon of Merlot, while roast potatoes go well with Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon.
  • If you're looking for something extra special, try a sparkling wine like champagne. That's perfect for a toast to Christmas dinner!

Give a gift? Why not give wine this Christmas? There is a wine for every taste, so you are sure to find one that the recipient will love.

The best wine for each type of drinker

  • For those who are beginning to enter the world of wine: we must look for wines that are easy to drink, that can be stored and that have an attractive presentation. A sparkling wine with a low alcoholic content and very fruity, a white of the Verdejo variety or an orange wine (sweet wine with elegant aromas).

  • For average aficionados: We must bring elegant wines with high scores from different critics and from more or less well-known regions, such as Ribera del Duero or Bierzo.
  • For wine lovers: We must choose a prestigious bottle that they can keep and enjoy later with our memory well present. Our choice for this course is undoubtedly wines of limited production and difficult to find.

according to price

It is not necessary to give an expensive wine because the price does not necessarily imply higher quality. In addition, there are excellent wines with an unbeatable value for money. If you think you look better giving a very expensive wine, go ahead. But keep in mind that you can adapt your budget and give away a bottle of very good wine. "If you are looking for a very well priced red, Lynus Infante is an excellent choice," he specified.

According to origin

At Dismavi we are lucky to have a wide and varied quantity of wines from different origins. Spain and international and of course good Mallorcan wines. But if you are looking to differentiate yourself, Mallorcan wines stand out for their high quality and great personality, a Verán Negre would be an excellent alternative.

According to preferences

“One of the biggest mistakes that is made when choosing a wine is to give away an expensive one or one that we like, but it may turn out that the person we are going to give him does not like it. That is why you have to find out their tastes and preferences. For example, if you are a fan of modern, fruity and fresh wines, the ideal wine is Sauvignon Blanc”.

According to versatility

Pairing is the best experience to enjoy wine in all its splendor with the family. One of those that combines with multiple dishes of our Spanish cuisine is a Ribera red wine. Its sweet, complex and highly fresh notes would be the perfect label for Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner.

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