Even those who have recently entered the world of wine will have noticed the great variety of different types of wine glasses that there are. There are glasses of different sizes and shapes, adapted to a particular type of wine to the most exhaustive level that we can imagine. However, we must not forget that wine is a food with a universal vocation, so to enjoy it it is not necessary to have an extensive collection of glassware. It will be enough to follow these tips to make the right choice:

  1. Look for glasses with a narrow mouth, to concentrate the aromas.
  2. It is important that it be smooth and transparent, so as not to alter the sensations perceived by touch.
  3. The bottom has to be rounded, to allow a correct oxygenation.
  4. The foot of the glass has to measure about 5 cm, to be able to hold it without heating the wine.
  5. The walls must be thin, to be able to appreciate the body and color of the wine and to carry out a correct visual tasting.
  6. It is preferable that the crystal or glass is of high quality, so that it is fine and does not break easily.

You are ready to start tasting!