Shaking the wine glass is a common gesture in wine tastings and wine tastings, but did you know that this ritual has a scientific reason? In this article, we will explore the true function behind shaking the wine glass and how this simple act can enhance your sensory experience when enjoying this exquisite beverage.

Why shake the wine glass?

The main objective of shaking the wine glass is to release the volatile aromas trapped within the drink. Wine is a complex mixture of chemical compounds, and many of these compounds influence its characteristic aroma. By shaking the glass, the wine's exposure to air increases, allowing the aromas to be released and become more perceptible to our nose.

The effect of evaporation

When we shake the glass, the wine comes into contact with the air, and a phenomenon known as evaporation occurs. Volatile compounds in the wine, such as esters and aldehydes, convert into vapor and ascend towards our nose. These vapors reach the olfactory receptors, triggering aromatic sensations and enriching our sensory experience when drinking wine.

The role of the glass shape

The shape of the wine glass also plays a crucial role in the shaking process. Wine glasses are often narrower at the top, which helps concentrate the aromas inside the glass and direct them towards our sense of smell. By shaking the glass, the exposure of aromatic compounds to air is maximized, while the glass shape concentrates these aromas, allowing us to appreciate them more intensely.

Tips for shaking the wine glass

  1. Hold the glass by the stem: By holding the glass by the stem, we avoid heating the wine with the warmth of our hands and preserve its proper temperature.
  2. Perform gentle circular movements: Shake the glass gently in circular motions, allowing the wine to come into contact with the air and release the aromas.
  3. Observe and smell: While shaking the glass, observe the wine and how it moves in the glass. Then, bring the glass to your nose and take a deep breath to appreciate the aromas that are released.

Conclusion: Shaking the wine glass is more than an elegant gesture; it is a fundamental step to fully appreciate and enjoy the aromatic complexity of this delightful beverage. Harness the power of science and your senses to discover new nuances and aromas in every glass you taste. Cheers!

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