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Origin and history of the Syrah grape

The Syrah grape, also known as Shiraz, comes from the Rhône region, located in the southeast of France. After a long period of uncertainty about its origin, in 1999, a DNA analysis of the grape shed light on its origin. Thus it was discovered that this grape variety comes from two types of grapes from the southeast of France that have never become popular in the world of wine: Mondeuse Blanche y Dureza.

Until just two decades ago, the origin was assigned to various origins based, to a large extent, on the etymology of the name. Thus, on the one hand, the origin of the Syrah grape was attributed to the Far East, since the synonym of Syrah, Shiraz, coincides with the name of an ancient Persian city.

Regarding its introduction to the Mediterranean side, legends said that the Phoenicians were responsible for bringing this variety through the colonies that they dominated in the vicinity of the current city of Marseille.

On the other hand, there are versions that assign its origin and the origin of its name to the city of Syracuse (Sicily), according to which, the Roman legions transported this grape as food. However, as you have seen, in the world of wine legends are giving way to science and research to discover the true origins and stories.

Characteristics of the Syrah grape variety

The Syrah grape stands out, among other characteristics, for its ease of cultivation. In optimal conditions it requires a greater amount of sun and higher temperatures than other similar varieties.

Despite the latter, it is highly adaptable to different types of terrain and climates and, in addition, it is one of the most resistant varieties against the most common vine diseases. It is a tannic grape, with a marked density and intense pigmentation, which gives rise to notable fruity and floral touches or more smoky wines, depending on the climatic conditions of the growing region.

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