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Recognising a bad wine can be crucial to enjoying a good wine experience. Here are several indicators that can help you determine if a wine is in poor condition.

These tips can help you avoid a bad experience and ensure you get the most out of every bottle of wine.

Visual Inspection

  1. Check the Cork:

    • A cork that is protruding from the bottle could indicate that the wine has been exposed to heat.
    • A crumbly or disintegrating cork might suggest that air has entered the bottle.
  2. Examine the Wine:

    • Look for any cloudiness or sediment in a wine that is supposed to be clear.
    • Check for color changes. White wine that has turned brownish or red wine that looks brown or brick-colored might be bad.

Smell the Wine

  1. Sniff for Off Odors:
    • A musty or moldy smell could indicate cork taint, often described as smelling like a damp basement or wet cardboard.
    • Vinegar or nail polish remover scents suggest that the wine has oxidized or turned to vinegar.
    • A cooked or burnt smell can indicate that the wine has been heat-damaged.

Taste the Wine

  1. Sample a Small Amount:
    • A sour or sharp taste can indicate that the wine has turned to vinegar.
    • A wine that tastes flat, lacking fruit, or overly acidic might be past its prime.
    • Chemical or bitter flavors are also indicators of bad wine.

Bottle Condition

  1. Check for Leakage or Damage:
    • Any leakage around the cork or capsule can be a sign of spoilage.
    • A damaged or broken seal can let air in, which spoils the wine.

Additional Tips

  • Check the Wine's Storage History:
    • Wine that has been stored improperly, especially in fluctuating temperatures, is more likely to go bad.
  • Consider the Age of the Wine:
    • Most wines are meant to be consumed within a few years of release, although some are designed to age for longer periods. If a wine is past its recommended drinking window, it might not taste as intended.


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