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 February 14, Valentine's Day, is approaching, and like a good lover you have come here looking for the best wines to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day.

But just as in love, in the world of wine there are no exact rules; No wine is the same as another, and therefore, we must consider different scenarios to find the perfect bottle.

Because celebrating love with wine is always a good option, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to toast the shared moments and plans as a couple. Awaken your senses and emotions on the most romantic day of the year by enjoying a good wine alongside the most special person.

In this article you will find 10 recommended wines to celebrate Valentine's Day.

If you have decided to make a reservation at a restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner, you should choose a wine that pairs well with each dish, escaping the classic formula of: "white wine for fish and red wine for meat".

At Wines with Character, we bring you a few oenological suggestions to toast love: white, rosé, red and sparkling wines. We know that there is no wine for every dish or a perfect pairing, but we do recommend combinations that we have loved.

One of our favorite starters is seafood clams, an authentic delight of Galician cuisine as well as a very healthy option. For this first contact, we opted for Granbazán Verde, a Galician white wine made with Albariño varieties. A wine with genuine character, with a lot of personality, intensity and exoticism.

The red tuna tartare meets all the requirements to be considered an appropriate dish for a special occasion, such as Valentine's Day. It is a very attractive dish with a powerful flavor, for which we recommend our rosé wine 971and Son prim roset, fresh Mallorcan wines.

Vegetable wok is one of the most successful dishes of recent times, very traditional in oriental cuisine and perfect for eating healthily. For those in love who resort to a simple, light and effective dinner, the vegetable wok accompanied by a rioja that will not disappoint, in this case insolente or baigorri are two great options. Red wines that combine the Tempranillo and Graciano varieties

The sirloin is one of the most popular pieces for meat lovers. It is a lean, tender and tasty meat. A sure hit if you are thinking of giving yourself a good tribute with your partner at Valentine's Day dinner.

To pair with this delicious dish, we have chosen a Ribera red wine, Nabal Crianza and a classic from Castilla, the renowned Mauro.

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