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Do you think you know all about wine? Think again! Today we're going to bust some popular myths we've all heard. Surprise yourself with the truth behind these myths!

Red wine should always be served at room temperature: Many red wines are best enjoyed at room temperature, but in some places it may be too warm. The ideal temperature varies depending on the type of wine, but in general it is recommended to serve red wine slightly chilled, between 16°C and 18°C.

Red wine is better than white wine: This is a matter of personal preference. Both types of wine have their own unique characteristics and can be excellent choices depending on the pairing and the occasion.

More expensive wines are always better: Although some expensive wines are true masterpieces, price does not always guarantee quality. There are many affordable wines that are delicious and well-made.

The oldest wine is the best: While some wines may improve with ageing, not all wines are meant to age. Some white and rosé wines, for example, are best enjoyed young and fresh.

Cork is better than screwcap: Although cork has always been associated with high quality wines, screwcaps have proven to be an equally valid option for many wines, especially those consumed young. 

Darker wine is always stronger: Wine colour can vary due to factors such as grape type, region of origin and winemaking method. It does not necessarily indicate a higher alcohol content. 

White wine cannot be cellared: Although many white wines are best enjoyed young and fresh, there are some white wines that can benefit from bottle ageing. Some high quality Chardonnay and sweet wines such as Sauternes can develop more complex flavours over time.

Cheap wine is always poor quality: While it is true that some very inexpensive wines can lack complexity and quality, there are also affordable options that are delicious and well-made.


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